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Book Review: Justice
Posted by Lauren Socha on Sunday, December 31, 2017

I finished my last book of 2017 this afternoon. It was Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do? by Michael J. Sandel. This book was a good refresher on the ethics course I took as an elective while in university. I really enjoyed revisiting some of the different moral philosophies and the spin that Sandel put on it by applying the idea of justice to well-known historical and current events. Something like this would have been great, even as supplemental reading, when I was taking my introductory-level course because it felt very approachable compared to the traditional philosophy textbooks we used. [Read More]

Elevator #18
Posted by Lauren Socha on Saturday, December 23, 2017

I graduated from university three and a half years ago and aside from a few months off to travel and wind down right after school finished, I have been working ever since. In that time, I've gained valuable work experience and have refined my ability to solve problems that I haven't encountered before. I have also learned that project management is really quite an art and that you have to use a lot of tact and diplomacy to successfully juggle so many competing interests. Recently, I even applied for my P.Eng and am almost finished applying for my PMP. All in all, I think it has been pretty successful so far. [Read More]