PhotowallPhoto Wall

Completion Date: October 2016

Purpose: To be used as a backdrop for photos at my wedding.

Description: This photo wall was created using PVC pipe and fabric. The PVC pipe was cut to size to create an 8'x8' frame. Feet protruded from either side in an upsidedown T-shape to allow it to be free-standing. A brace was added horizontally at the midway point for structural stability.

Collaborators: Mike Patrick
DressesBridesmaid Dresses

Completion Date: August 2016

Purpose: To be worn by the bridesmaids at my wedding.

Description: As one of many DIY touches at my wedding, I opted to make my bridemaid dresses. I had a rustic, floral sundress style in mind and customized an existing pattern to get the desired look. The fabric was selected to be a mix and match style, with careful attention paid to the graphic size and colours.

Acknowledgments: Photo by Starfish & Coffee
CurtainRuffled Shower Curtain

Completion Date: October 2014

Purpose: To add a personal touch to a rental apartment where decorative touches had to be limited.

Description: This shower curtain was created in custom colours based on an Anthropologie design. The design was not overly challenging, but it required a lot of time to complete and was a lot of fabric to handle by the end.

Acknowledgments: Instructions by Elle Apparel Blog
RainbowSparks Rainbow

Completion Date: September 2011

Purpose: To be used as a prop during Sparks enrollment ceremonies.

Description: This rainbow was macgyvered on a limited budget and designed to be compact when broken down. It is composed of broom handles, paper towel holders, clothespins, shower curtains and recycled window curtains. When broken down, it can be transported by hand on public transit or in a small vehicle. The rainbow stands approximately four feet tall when erected and weighs five pounds. The approximate cost of the project was $20.00.
Camera HolderDigital Camera Holder

Completion Date: January 2009

Purpose: To support a camera above the playing surface of a billiards table.

Description: This camera holder was designed to hang on the light fixture above a billiards table and video the momentum and inertia interactions between billiard balls. The holder ensured that the video would be stable, so that computer software could be used to analyze the interactions. It was custom-fitted to the digital camera being used and has velcro straps that can be adjusted if the light fixture above the billiards table is not level.