WebsitePersonal E-Portfolio Website

Completion Date: January 2013

Purpose: To learn and practice web development using HTML and to showcase relevant engineering skills and projects.

Description: The decision to maintain examples of previous work electronically lent itself to the opportunity to learn a new type of programming and become aquainted with web development techniques. Ideas for content, layout and theme were brainstormed and organized on electronic sticky notes, for ease of modification and rearrangement during the design process.
FEAFinite Element Analysis (FEA) of a Beam

Completion Date: November 2012

Purpose: To develop a program using MATLAB for the analysis of a beam with a user-defined number of elements.

Description: The program that was developed took user input for the number of constant strain triangle (CST) elements in a cantilevered beam and the magnitude of the opposing forces being applied at the free end to create a bending moment. Based on this input, plots of the x-direction stress along the top, bottom and neutral-axis were produced, as well as a contour plot.
SignalsFrequency Response Analysis and Filter Development

Completion Date: October 2012

Purpose: To develop frequency response plots of various filters using MATLAB and observe the effects of the filters when applied to signals.

Description: The program developed in MATLAB produced frequency response plots (of the magnitude and phase) for a variety of filter types, including L-point running average, high-pass, low-pass, band-pass and stop-band FIR filters and first-order, elliptic and band-pass IIR filters. These filters were applied to various audio and sinusoidal signals.